OBO Robo Straight As Black

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OBO Robo Straight As Black

$215.00 from$139.95

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OBO Robo Straight As Black


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Best suited to those who want a stick with the feel of a field stick but the balance and detailed design for goalkeepers needs. Enables ball control & finesse!!

Designed for those players at the top of their game. The high Carbon Content delivers significant rebound, yet a soft feel and refined ball control for a better playing experience!

  • Round handle = comfortable grip
  • Thick shaft = long and strong sweet spot
  • Small bow = Straight saving face predictable and controlled rebound
  • Carefully designed head = more finessed and controlled movements
  • Light weight = quick response speed

Shaped similar to a field stick but purposefully designed to fit with the goalkeepers stance and grip by altering the weight and balance, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

A great stick providing a balance between a powerful and solid rebound as well as the lightweight.

ROBO Straight as - Facts and Features


  • Infield Stick Shape
    Gives you the ability to more easily manipulate the ball with total control during ground play
  • Maximum Height
    For the largest possible saving surface
  • Light Weight
    to make your lightning quick reactions even faster!
  • Extremely Flat and straight saving face
    To give you a true and consistent rebound
  • Square edge
    Flat back-edge for consistent and powerful reverse sweep clearances
  • 80% Carbon
    20% Fibreglass provides high reebound yet a soft feel
  • Round Handle
    Provides and ergonomic feel and finessed ball control
  • Perfectly Balanced
    High balance point design for a goalkeepers mid shaft grip, extra long reach
  • Rounded Edge
    For a smooth and fast sweeping action

Technical Specifications:

Curve Peak:

Curve Position:


Head Shape:

Concave Face: