Republic of Hockey Goalkeeping Sponsorship Terms and Conditions 2024

1) By accepting this ambassador agreement you agree to represent the brand Republic of Hockey to the best of your ability throughout the duration of this partnership. You are bound to the Terms and Conditions of this partnership from the moment of submitting this application form through to the 31/12/2024. Acceptance of this partnership includes a binding agreement between you, the "Citizen" and Republic of Hockey. Partnership is a two-way beneficial deal where by we supply you exclusive prices and advantages on Republic of Hockey gear and you actively and honestly promote the Republic of Hockey brand by playing and representing the brand to the best of your ability.

2) You agree to solely use equipment Republic of Hockey have supplied at all times, especially for all training, coaching and playing for the duration of this partnership. Republic of Hockey equipment being legguards, kickers, helmets, hand protectors, body protection, bags & smocks.

3) Republic of Hockey supply you the following benefits for your personal use only.
• Discounted equipment subject to Republic of Hockey's offer.

4) Your Republic of Hockey citizens discount is for your personal use only. We ask you to not use your account to order gear for anyone else than yourself. Any special request contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

5) In the event that any of your supplied equipment breaks, fails or wears out then it will be replaced where appropriate after inspection. You must immediately notify us the issue by email on and include photos and a description of the issue. We will then advise the process for replacement. Please note you will need to return the item after contacting us in order to receive a replacement product, so do not throw away the item. We will not replace any "Stolen" or "Lost" equipment free of charge. You will need to buy replacements so please take care of your equipment!

6) You agree to allow to use your name, image and photographs of yourself in advertising and promotion as a user and citizen of Republic of Hockey products. This includes but is not limited to print and digital media as well as on the website.

7) In regards to social media, you are encouraged to "Like", "Follow", "Subscribe" @republicofhockey on Facebook, Instagram as this is a great way for you to promote your sponsor to your fellow players and colleagues. We also request that you "repost” Republic of Hockey posts to actively promote the brand amongst your followers and friends. You are a visual elite athlete whom is influential.

8) You agree for the information submitted in this order form to be passed on to the CULTOR PTY LTD as the owner company of the Republic of Hockey brand. You will also be added to the Republic of Hockey mailing list, to share special news from time to time during the season. Unsubscribing from Republic of Hockey Newsletter creates the risk of missing information in regards to your Endorser's role and renewal.

9) The athlete will not under any circumstances use or wear another brand of hockey equipment which is not stocked by Republic of Hockey. If the player breaches any terms and conditions of this agreement, the player will reimburse Republic of Hockey for any products supplied at the recommended retail price.

10) You also acknowledge that Republic of Hockey reserves the right to terminate or revise this agreement should you breach any terms and conditions of this agreement or if your representative status changes.

11) You also acknowledge that Republic of Hockey reserves the right to terminate or revise this agreement if no equipment has been supplied/purchased within 6 months of the offer being sent.